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My name is Jim and I am a retired B747-400 Captain having flown for one of the world's most respected airlines. I flew more than 26,000 hours, and this site has averaged over 300,000 hits per year for the past 10 years.


I recommend two really good books worth reading:

The First tells the story of 13 pilots who commenced their flying careers together and spent over 40 years as airline pilots. It is a great read. Please go to this website:

A lifetime in airline flying

The Second: Finished with engines - the story of Qantas' longhaul flight engineers 1941 - 2009. This 350 page book covers the development of the flight engineer position within Qantas. Also included are short biographical details on each of the 500 or so flight engineers who flew with Qantas between 1941 and 2009.

No, I do not want to reveal my airline name here (even though I am extremely proud of my airline) as this is not meant to be an advertisement page.

I have included as many other airline B747-400 photos as I could find. I will add others as my website develops. Yes, there are photos of my airline B747-400s included.

B747 takeoff



This button will take you to a page that I have constructed answering many questions I have received by "wannabee" pilots.

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If you would like to contact me please click below to go to an email

. . It can take me up to a month to reply.

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I will try to answer your questions. Please do not ask me about different airlines, in particular which airlines to avoid etc., as I will not respond to these type of questions.

I will keep a database of questions and if necessary add items to my web page if there is a common area of concern amongst travellers.

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