Airport and Aeroplane Security

After the tragic events in the USA on September 11, 2001, I felt I had to add a page to my website concerning security.

Please allow plenty of time for security checks at airports. I suggest an hour for domestic and two hours for an international flight.

I wish to impress upon you how important it is for everyone to be vigilant. Security involves all of us: passengers, crew, and staff.

Security commences before you reach the terminal. Keep a good eye out for for people behaving in a furtive manner, acting strangely, or suspiciously. As a passenger you are an extra pair of eyes for the professional security agents. If you are unsure please ask a security agent.
Terrorists and criminals do not wear badges declaring who they are. So we must all be alert for strange behaviour.

After you have checked-in for your flight, where you will be asked relevant questions about your flight and baggage, you will need to have your carry-on baggage x-rayed for metal objects. Do not take knives, sissors, corkscrews, nail files, needles, or other sharp metal objects with you. If you are caught with any of these you should expect a thorough security search which might mean that you will miss your flight. If you need to take such objects place them in your checked baggage which goes in the hold.

If you see someone cheating the system, tell a security person.

At some stage you will have to walk through a metal detector. Once more the security guards are looking for metal objects, this time on your body. As for the baggage x-ray device:

If you see someone cheating the system, tell a security person. Don't get caught accidentally yourself, you might miss your flight.


It happens, don't let it be you!!


Checked in baggage is x-rayed at most airports to check for suspicious materials. In my airline, security people keep track of every work person who has contact with our aircraft. Aircraft holds are checked before loading takes place.

Crew check the cabin thoroughly for suspicious objects after catering and cleaning staff have left . The whole aviation industry has changed, the increased security will be with us forever. It is there to give you confidence in our systems.

Oh yes, cockpit doors are now electronically locked on take-off, and unlocked on landing. Unfortunately passenger cockpit visits are now a thing of the past.

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